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Q: How do you collect enough detailed information to write a good story if your writer doesn’t know us personally?

A: Stories and information are collected through an engaging digital questionnaire, which thoughtfully utilize questions designed to bring out the best stories and subtle nuances that support characterization. The follow up personal interview is conducted in person at our studio located in Central Pennsylvania, via Skype or by phone. This session allows our writer to do a deeper dive into the narrative. Then, the compilation of materials are expertly crafted into the custom narrative. Some packages allow for a client-editing phase, which allows you to review the draft material prior to production.


Q: How do I send the questionnaire to my contacts for them to contribute?

A: After you purchase your package, your Story Project Plan will include instructions for you to simply upload your contact list and we handle the rest. We will send out the questionnaire and will also send up to two reminders of the deadline for submission. And we’ll give you a direct link you can share yourself on social media.

Q: When I received my Story Project Plan, I wondered about the small selection of graphic designs to choose from?

A: We feel that simple is best when telling your tale. Words on the page are the primary design element. Photographs are included to supplement and highlight the story. Our pieces intentionally do not reflect a photo-heavy or be a scrapbook style approach.

Q: Can you send me the digital file so I can make copies?

A: Yes, digital rights are available for purchase. BeStoried also offers production support services if you need to order additional copies.

Q: Can I share the story you write for me on my Caring Bridge site?

A: Absolutely! We can optimize a digital version to share with you. 


Q: Can you do a short turn-around for an unexpected memorial service?

A: Yes, we can help. Please contact us directly to discuss.


Q: I'd like to give this as a gift to a family. Is that possible? 

A: Of course. We have a beautiful gift certificate package that we can send to your recipient.


Q: My dad's 70th is coming up and we're throwing a surprise party and want to present the book to him at the event. But can you put it together without his input, or him knowing about it?

A: We love surprises! If you can keep it a secret, we can too.  Our process is designed to obtain info that gets to the heart of what make the guest of honor feel most loved.

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