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Our Story

Be Storied was inspired, quite simply, by the art of storytelling. Every good story is defined by great characters that spring from the page and lodge in your mind, remaining there long after you turn the last page. 

We capture the characters that fill up your life to chronicle the brilliant moments, the trying hard, the small unseen ways people matter. In a selfie-driven culture, where characterization is often driven by ephemeral imagery - we seek to give the gift of words, to give your story back to you. 

Life, from the very first breath to the last, is made up of moments that compose a singular and beautiful story. Moments that are once in a lifetime, and you don't want to forget a second of them. Moments that are sacred, when every word matters. Moments that will fade from memory and lose detail in the retelling.


We write down life, so you always remember. 

Our Mission

Be Storied will transform your stories into lasting word portraits that celebrate extraordinary moments, commemorate what should not be forgotten and honor life well-lived.

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