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Stories are infinite.

"I never told anyone this, but I was absolutely positively sure I could never love my second baby as much as I loved my daughter. I actually believed that until the moment she first met him. Her eyes were so full of wonder when she saw him, her smile was even a little shy. She pointed at him and said, "Mine?" And my heart broke wide open to surround them both, equally, fully. Those first first days at home from the hospital, I just wanted to wrap my little family in this new big love and stay like that forever.

"Definitely her hands. That's what I remember the most. Rubbing Noxema on my sunburnt shoulders. She made every thing better.  Every little thing."

"A subway stuck on the tracks made all the difference. If not for those lost 8 minutes, he would have walked right past her. Now, watching her walk down the aisle to him, he couldn't quite believe she was ever a stranger."

"Being stuck in the waiting phase was unbearable. We just wanted him home, home home. Pictures of him trickled in from across the globe - never enough, and simultaneously too many. Seeing him in freeze frame was almost unbearable, when we knew he was waiting, like we were waiting, to be a family."

"It's hard to believe my entire career fits into this little box with the engraved pen. But here we are. The moments that made up the years that made up my life as a doctor were glorious and frustrating and beautiful and hard. And I never would have made it through even a day without the support of my family."

"You hear it all your life. From well-meaning ladies in the grocery story, from countless blog posts, from your own mother..."They grow up so fast." But you don't really hear it over the midnight cry of babies, the noise of backpacks dropping by the front door, shouts of  "Mom, where's my (fill-in-the-ever-loving-blank)?" Then you're sitting in a crowded auditorium with a million other moms who never thought this day would actually arrive. And your baby, so tall, takes his diploma in hand and gives you a quick wink as he walks by, right into the future."

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